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Dr.Kotlow is well known for his concern and understanding of mother's who wish to nurse. He is an internationally known expert on the diagnosis and treatment of ankyloglossia also known as tongue-tied. Dr.Kotlow sees infants as early as a day after birth for the revision of abnormally attached lingual frenums. His techniques using laser surgery eliminate the need to place infants in the operating room or the need for drugs for treatment.

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SOS 4 Tots - Book Written by Dr. Kotlow

SOS 4 Tots - Book by Lawrence A. Kotlow in Albany, NY

As a parent. you have great expectations for motherhood. Unfortunately for many mothers. breastfeeding becomes a toe-curling. Painful experience because of poor or missed diagnoses of tethered oral tissues such as tongue-ties and lip-ties. Dr. Kotlow's new book, SOS 4 TOTS demystifies why. Dr. Kotlow has been treating infants for breastfeeding difficulties due to tongue and upper lip-ties since 1974. In recent years with the increased number of mothers desiring to breastfeed their infants, he has revised over ten thousand abnormal frenum attachments of what are now referred to as "tethered oral tissues" (TOTs).

If you are a mother who has been suffering needlessly; there may be times when you will cry as you read this book because you will realize the problems are not your fault; the professionals on whom you were depending for help had a basic lack of understanding. SOS 4 TOTS seeks to expose the myths about breastfeeding and heal the heartbreak to make breastfeeding a joy.

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