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Laser ankylosis release: Implications for maxillomandibular growth.  Seminars in Orthodontics 2020 ;26:101


The Time Has Come for Pediatric Dentistry and Medicine to Develop A New Thought Process, Rather Than Just Thinking Outside the Box When Caring for Newborn Babies and Infants, We Need A Totally New Box. December, 2019

COG Nursing and Healthcare - Is the Medical Profession Following the Hippocratic Oath by doing No Harm when Mothers and Infants are Allowed to Suffer Needlessly when they are Told nothing is Wrong when Tethered Oral Tissues are Either Ignored or Misdiagnosed? November, 2019

Australian Medical Journal 2019 - Tethered oral tissues as a differential diagnostic tool in infants and toddlers presenting with obstructive sleep apnoea and air induced reflux 2019

Are randomized controlled trials (RCT) necessary or just an excuse to oppose infant frenectomies to allow successful breastfeeding? - J Oral Med Toxicol 2018 Volume 2 Issue 1 September 2018

The Breastfeeding Dilemma: Misdiagnosed TOTS or Just Ignoring their Existence? Medical Case Reports Journal

A text book atlas: breastfeeding should be fun and Enjoyable 2017 updated version on identification and treatment of TOTS

TOTS - Tethered Oral Tissues The Assessment and Diagnosis of the Tongue and Upper Lip Ties in Breastfeeding March 2015 Oral Health

Infant Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER): Benign Infant Acid Reflux or just Plain Aerophagia? March 2016 International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Diagnosing and Understanding the Maxillary Lip-tie as it Relates to Breastfeeding July 2013

Exposing the top ten myths(takes) concerning lip and tongue ties in breastfeeding2015

The significance of the tongue and lip ties and why you should consider correcting themFebruary 2013

Lasers: Diagnosis and treatment of ankyloglossia and tied maxillary fraenum in infants using Er:YAG and 1064 diode lasers Published 2011

Does Your Child Need a Revision of the Lingual FrenumPatient hand out August 2010

Why can't my baby breastfeed: The effects of an abnormal maxillary frenum attachment Treatment Patient hand out August 2010

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Newborn Nursing DifficultiesPublished 2009

Photobiomodulating Lasers and Children's Dental Care JLD March 2010

Using Photobiostimulating lasers in the practice of pediatric dentistry Laser international magazine of Laser Dentistry Sept 2009

Lasers and Pediatric Dentistry: General Dentistry Article Nov 2008

Lasers and Pediatric Dentistry: 2008 LasersofttissueAO

The Case For Pediatric DentistryPublished 1995

Creative Uses for Computers in the Pediatric Dental Office Published 2001

Treatment of tongue-tie using DELight Er:YAG laser Published 2002

The use of the erbium Hard & Soft Tissue Laser in the Pediatric Dental Practice Published 2002

Are We Failing Our Children? Published 2000

Does your child need a Revision of the Lingual Frenum? Published 2003

Tongue Tie Revisions in Newborns Published 2004

Revisions of Abnormal Freums in Neonates and Infants Published 2004

Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry (Dental Clinics of North America) Published October 2004 Vol. 48 No.4

Infant Frenum Revision Published March 2005


Diagnosis & Treatment of the Maxillary Frenum Published 2006


Diagnosis & Treatment of Tongue Ties Published 2006

Erbium Laser Pulpotomies Published 2008