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Dr. Lawrence Kotlow specializes in pediatric dentistry -- a specialty dedicated to treating children from birth through the teenage years. At our practice, children are our only patients. Every aspect of our practice has been designed to help make children comfortable and meeting his or her specialized needs. Our goals are to provide your child with a safe and caring environment. Because we are treating dentistry's most special patients -- your children -- we have invested in the latest, most up-to-date dental technology. Your child should have his or her first dental visit no later than six months after the first teeth grow into his or her mouth, which usually occurs around 12 months of age.  Dr.Kotlow is well known for his concern and understanding of mother's who wish to breastfeed. He is an internationally known expert on the diagnosis and treatment of ankyloglossia also known as tongue-tied. Dr.Kotlow sees infants as early as a day after birth for the revision of abnormally attached lingual frenums. His techniques using laser surgery eliminate the need to place infants in the operating room or the need for drugs for treatment. (see articles)

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Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, world renowned expert on tongue and lip ties has a new book! With over 160 photos covering everything a parent and health care professional needs to understand about how and why we do what we do for our mothers and babies. Click here to learn more and to purchase!

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